by Happyslap

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released July 22, 2017



all rights reserved


Happyslap Washington, D.C.

DC/NC Digital Hardcore

affiliated with:

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Track Name: antisocial
well i got a friend he's super social/i got a media, social social, i got an uncle not so social/join the party, social social/i got a friend she's not so social/i got a problem social social/i got an order be more social/got an aunt called auntie social/anti anti antisocial, anti anti antisocial, anti anti antisocial, anti anti antisocial
Track Name: computer not safe
computer not safe, not safe computer/computer not safe, not safe computer/computer not safe, not safe computer/computer not safe, user loser//told you not to talk to strangers/cryptolock spyware darknet danger/blackmail doxx drop web of lies/black heat sink from the data mines//dumb folks made dumb internet/dumb jokes with dumb alphabet/has it fucked you over yet/who benefits, place a bet
Track Name: active shooter
ain't gonna see no prosecutor/active shooter, active shooter/crazy folks will think i'm cuter/active shooter, active shooter/i'm a modern cultural looter/active shooter, active shooter/no fucking trike i own a scooter//active shooter, active shooter, active shooter, reactive active active active shooter//daily parking pass commuter/active shooter, active shooter/only feeling from computers/active shooter, active shooter/coming for gene pool polluters/active shooter, active shooter/lucky damn telecommuters//guns, guns, guns, they wanna shoot guns/at people, at people, that's real fucked up/at human beings that's fucked up/at people, at people, at people, they wanna shoot guns
Track Name: pancreatitis
lessons from the bottle/ones that burn the most/heart is cold and icey/stomach burns like toast/spirits here to visit/i crawl out to host//i got the itis/pancreatitis/i got the itis/pancreatitis //grey turner's sign/cullen's sign/grunwald's sign/körte's sign/kamenchick's sign/mayo-robson's sign/pandiaraja's sign/and many more signs oh wow//quit asking questions/and keep the pint close/keep the pint close baby, keep the pint close/do it till you die/keep the pint close
Track Name: quantum
two lines at once/quantum bullshit/two brains inside/quantum hypocrite/two thoughts divided/get a load of it/cognitive dissonance/never missing it//creepy physics/unguided wiz kids/creepy science/non-compliance
Track Name: sucker
no choices, inner voices/be a person blow a person/vegan but still wanting meat/no mouthwash or brushing teeth/if you don't suck you suck you suck/but if you suck suck/then you don't suck, paradox//the sucker and the suckee class have nothing in common/sucker revolution, sucker revolution/black paper with snowball ink/sucker constitution,that's the sucker constitution//proud to be a sucker sucker/proud to be a sucker sucker/proud to be a sucker sucker/social service like no other/proud to be a sucker sucker/proud to be a sucker sucker/proud to be a sucker sucker/sucker liberation, sucker liberation/suckers need a place to lurk and lurk/in the darkness sneak and smirk/need to taste and smack and slurp/study the zen of
Track Name: ¿qué está fapando?
no me preguntes qué está pasando/quiero saber qué está fapando/impaciencia y pie golpeteo/alguien me dice qué está fapando/no me preguntes qué está pasando/joderme dime lo que está fapando/cierra la boca y deja de hablando/dime dime qué está fapando/qué está qué está qué está fapando/dime dime dime dime qué está fapando
Track Name: big storm
chasin' dragons, getting high/trust me bitch, i wanna die/jerking off and smoking ice/it's so nice i'll say it twice/chasin' dragons, getting high/trust me though i wanna die/jerking off and smoking ice/taking chances, roll the dice/shootin' smack, that's a lie/trust me though, i wanna die/carpel tunnel, clicking mice/can't believe they call this life//wanna but love's too hard/bitcoin and a debit card/got needs to be fulfilled/and i won't take the doctor's pills/drinking booze when the sun comes up/raise myself a loving cup/all alone and that's the plan/i can make myself the man//breaking news, it's no lie/comfy whiteboy wants to die/carpel tunnel, clicking mice/can't believe they call this life/nobody was born totally prepared/kind people shaking shelter syndrome scared/from the individual it's totally unfair/storm of the century and nobody cared//there was nothing i could do to prepared/shaking in the morning but i barely cared/lost a fixed game though i played unfair/big storm coming what am i gonna wear
Track Name: steve jobs (ft. bitter, inc.)
prophets woken up/technocracy awakened/sentient corporations/skynet devastation/gps location/call it metadata/but it's full control/wrote the futures contracts/now they're coming for your soul/charlotte north carolina/city suits and steel/have you seen your balls today/they're in the roulette wheel/fuck the corporate people/now they're corporate gods/no tribute at the altar//dont you see/coercive violence loaded die/don't you see/social contract is a lie/don't you see/never-ending lies to tell/don't you see/steve jobs is getting fucked in hell/predictive algorithms/rationing out health/they know more about your kids/than you know about yourself/self driving cars/know what you want to eat/self surfing web/self adjusting seats/self serving life/self without self/self without decision/chip augmented vision/freedom is hard to find/don't let newsfeeds own your mind/liberty is self control/don't let facebook sell your soul//don't you see/google wants your dna/don't you see/gmail works with nsa/don't you see/if you ain't paying/don't you see/then you are the product
Track Name: x-files
three, two, one//certified spooky, certified spooky, certified spooky, certified spooky/i'm on the x-files gonna get spooked/i'm on the x-files gonna get spooked/i'm on the x-files look at me/look at me i'm on the x-files/oh my god i'm gonna get spooked/scully and mulder gonna get spooked/oh my god they're certified spooky, certified spooky, gonna get spooked/i'm on the x-files gonna get spooked/i'm on the x-files gonna get spooked/i'm on the x-files gonna get spooked/spooky spooky gonna get spooked/oh my god i'm with the fda/oh my god i'm with the fbi/oh my god i'm with the cia,/and oh my god white people are creepy